What are the benefits of CBD in skin care products?

The cosmetic industries have encountered much advancement during the past decades with the development of new beauty products. Product developers have realized that the main ingredients providing a lot of benefits to the skin come from plants. Thus, nowadays we have many skin care products containing plant natural extracts like aloe vera, lavender, Rose and much more! Today we even have CBD in skin care products, it is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant and is added to serums, creams, soaps and many other skin care products.

CBD in skin care products

CBD makes around 40% of the cannabis plant extract and is known for its therapeutic virtue ( compared to THC which have psychoactive effects). With the advent of cannabis legalization in different parts of the world we are witnessing a big boom in the foods & beverages flavored with cannabis. This trend is shifting to the skin care industries as many researches have found that CBD in skin care products can be very beneficial.

The origin of skin care

Skin care consist of using specific products that will help to clean, rejuvenate and provide the necessary nutrients to the skin. It is done for the purpose of having a beautiful and healthy skin and have been practiced for centuries. Skin care was already popular in ancient Egypt were the population considered it as an art, moreover they also believed that cleanliness would repel evils. This was done through simple steps; cleanse, treat and moisturize the skin.

CBD in skin care products
As Egypt was surrounded by desert and had a hot climate, the skins of the Egyptian could easily get dry and dehydrated. Hence, both the men and women need to nourish their skin and that’s why skin care was an important ritual. They used natural things like honey, olive oil, milk, sesame oil and castor oil to prevent their skin have wrinkles and keep a young appearance.

Skin care was also popular in ancient Greece as they accorded great importance to physical beauty. The people prepared skin softening lotions by mixing natural herbs and oils, they also prepared facial mask with fresh berries and milk!

The booming of natural skin care products

History shows us that the first skin care products were purely natural products like oil, milk and herb. However, during the industrialization period many cosmetic companies manufactured skin care product which did not contain only natural elements. These skin care products included also preservatives like parabens and benzyl alcohol and also thickeners like stearic acid.

CBD in skin care products

Fortunately things has changed nowadays with many consumers denouncing the side effects of chemical beauty products and a newer generations who are more health and environment conscious. Thanks to this mindset shift we now have many natural beauty products including skin care products. From cleansing cream containing volcano lava rock particles to aloe vera skin moisturizer, the cosmetic industries is now the trends. Many cosmetic manufacturers have invested heavily on researches on the benefits of plants and other elements that our natural environment offer. So it is not surprising today to see at supermarkets many types of bio skin care products which are 100% natural.

The advent of CBD in skin care products

CBD in skin care products
The catalyst that has emphasized and caused an increase in the researches on cannabis is mainly due to its legalization across many countries. Just like the food and beverage industries, big cosmetic companies are investing heavily to exploit the benefits that cannabis and its derived products like CBD can offer. And this is happening during an auspicious time when more and more people are converging towards natural products. Nowadays we have all kind of CBD skin care products available like cream, serums, gels and facial mask.

1. CBD skin care products can help to reduce acne

Acne is a skin ailment that arise due to hormones, inflammation and/or the hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and excess oily secretion produced by the skin glands.

CBD in skin care products

Research has shown that CBD help to treat acne thanks to its anti inflammatory properties that prevent the production of excess oil secretion (also known as sebum). By preventing acne spots to swell and become red, it helps the skin to grown normally.


2. CBD help to sooth the skin and prevent itching

Researchers from the American Academy of Dermatology have suggested that CBD skin care products, when applied topically, can also treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. There are no side effects that you would normally get with oral medications. Moreover, CBD skin care products procure a soothing effects that help to prevent itching- a common symptom for patients suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

3. CBD in skin care products help to treat premature aging.

Aging and its visible signs like wrinkles are caused by many factors like stress, pollution, exposition to ultraviolet lights and unhealthy diets. The fact is that the natural aging process which happen when our body metabolism’s changes with years, is less visible that effects of the external factors mentioned above.

CBD in skin care products

At around 20 years old, our skin start to become less firm and elastic as our body start producing less collagen ( about 1% less each year). Over the years the skin also start producing less sebum and the combined effects are wrinkles, sagging skin and larger pores.

It has been found that CBD can act as an antioxidant which contribute to reduce toxins and free-radicals; elements that damage the collagen fibers. As the anti inflammatory properties of CBD help to reduce dryness, acne, and redness, it makes the signs of an aged skin less visible.

Another benefit of CBD in skin care products is that they help to maintain the production of an optimum quantity of sebum. This favor the growth of a smoother and healthy skin.

Final thoughts about CBD in skin care products

This show how CBD in skin care products are becoming prevalent today, they are from natural sources and provides many benefits to the skin. Moreover, this have been backed by many researches and dermatologists, the effects will eventually vary depending on the dosage of CBD available in these skin care products.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and will be glad to hear your views. Do not forget to stay tuned as we will be also showing how to find the best CBD skin care!


The story between Cannabis and Jamaica

Jamaica has always been closely linked to cannabis, to understand the story it is important to know that Jamaica is home to the Rastafari culture where the cannabis known as ‘ganja’ is very symbolic. Moreover, Jamaica is where Reggae music was born and very often the lyrics in this music style promote the Rastafari culture and cannabis. This have made cannabis omnipresent in the all the cultural aspects of this beautiful country. What is the story between cannabis and Jamaica that makes it so special?

Cannabis and Jamaica

What is Rastafari?

The Rastafari movement is a religion which was born in Jamaica during the 1930s. It does not have authority hierarchy ( like the Vatican for christians) and its followers are known as Rastafarians or Rastas.

The Rastafarians believe in a single god reffered as Jah, it started when the jamaican Marcus Garvey created the movement ‘Back To Africa’ in the 1920s to promote the freedom and emancipation of African people. He had the strong belief that one day there would be the crowning of an African King which would stop the oppression of his people. In the 1930s Ras Tafari Makonnen was crowned as the ruler of Ethiopia to become Haile Selassie I. This was perceived by many as Garvey’s prophecy (or premonition) being fullfiled.

Cannabis and Jamaica


The Rastafari culture, Cannabis and Jamaica.

Other than having dreadlocks, Rastafarians consider cannabis to have a prominent place in their culture. It is also known as ganja, this word derived from the hindi word ganjha, which in Sanskrit is reffered as a strong preparation from cannabis Sativa. Rastafarians highly disapprove the use of cannabis for recreational purpose, they believe that the sacred herb should only be used for meditation.

During religious meetings called ‘reasoning sessions’ which include group meditation, the Rastafarians consume the cannabis to enter a state of trance. This blissful sensation is considered to help them be more connected to the cosmos and have a clear view of the world.

After smoking, with an enhanced consciousness they debate about life according to the Rastafari creeds and become more connected to Jah. Despite that only 1% of Jamaica’s population ( 2.7millions persons) are Rastafarians, it is believed that the culture has a strong contribution to the story between cannabis and Jamaica.

Reggae music, Cannabis and Jamaica

Reggae music is the emblem of Jamaica, created in the 1960s it has been widely mediatized around the world thanks to one of the greatest Jamaican singer Bob Marley. The artist also recognzied cannabis as a way to connect with spirituality and not something to be consumed for recreation.

Very often Bob Marley was seen smoking joints in his dressing room before his performances. It was said that the ‘high’ effects had a great influence on his musical performance. The proof is that this artist, who smoked cannabis, meditated and rethink the world has written some of the most powerful lyrics and became the greatest legend we ever know.

Many reggae artists like him or Peter Tosh promoted the Rastafari culture through their music and directly or indirectly this has raised awareness about the holy herb! If you listened to some reggae music I am sure that at some point you came across terms which relate to cannabis. This is why many people make connections with reggae music, cannabis and Jamaica.

The legal status of Cannabis in Jamaica

Surprisingly the consumption of cannabis in Jamaica has only been decriminalized in 2015, its use is now legal for medical but also for religious purpose. Jamaica became the first country to legalize weeds for religious purposes; this was more than favorably welcomed by the Rastafarians who use it for spiritual rites.

Cannabis and Jamaica

There, the possesion of up to 57grams of weeds is only considered as a petty offence and will not result in criminal records. Moreoever Jamaicans are allowed to cultivate up to five plants and tourists with medical prescription can apply for a licence to buy cannabis in small quantities.

Being aware of the boom of the cannabis industry the Jamaican government has shown its interest to set up an authority for the regulation of cannabis cultivation on large scale, for medical purpose.

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The country is also targeting international cannabis trade; thanks to its latitude, ideal climate and land topography, it is possible to grow high quality plants, specially sativas. This predict that cannabis and Jamaica still have a long future to go!

Final words on cannabis and Jamaica

The Rasfari culture and reggae music are the touchstones of the Jamaican culture, and this is why the country is tightly linked to cannabis. Its use was primarily for spiritual purposes and though there are many stereotypes it is important to note that not all Jamaicans are weeds smokers and/or Rasfarians and that they do not listen to reggae music only.

What we can learn from the story of cannabis and Jamaica is that despite it is very often perceived as a recreational drug, cannabis has impregnated the country’s culture and do have some noble uses like in the Rastafarian culture.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will be glad to hear about your views! I leave you with the remix of one of Bob Marley’s greatest song 🙂