Coffee infused with cannabis

Cannabis which is being gradually legalized all around the world has brought major changes to the food and beverage industry. The advent of cannabis derivatives like tinctures and oils are disrupting the food/beverages flavoring habits. They offer different types and varying degrees of psychoactive and pain-relieving effects. We now have gummies, butter and chocolate with cannabis but have you ever heard of coffee infused with cannabis?

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverage; around 2 billions cup per day all around the world. It is appreciated for its flavor, taste and also for its caffeine that provide psychoactive effects.

The caffeine present in coffee stimulate the central nervous system which make the drinker more alert and reactive. On the other side we have cannabis which contain THC (psychoactive compound) and CBD (therapeutic compound). How do we make coffee infused with cannabis? What are the effects and benefits obtained when coffee is paired with cannabis?

Preparation of coffee infused with cannabis

Cannabis-infused coffee is prepared almost in the same way as a simple traditional infusion; the weeds are added to boiling water. The difference is that the water is boiled with butter or coconut oil which catalyses the absorption of the cannabis.


  • Coffee (Any flavor you like)
  • Coconut oil or butter
  • Water – 3 cups
  • 1/2 grams of cannabis

Step 1

First of all you have to break the cannabis into small pieces. This can be easily done using a cannabis grinder. Then heat the water until it is gently boiled, then add the butter or coconut oil.

Step 2

Sprinkle the cannabis pieces in the water and let it boil for around 35-40 minutes while stirring the mixture occasionally.

Step 3

After 35-40 minutes, use a sieve to remove the weeds from the mixture. Its almost completed! Now you can add your coffee to it and serve with some extras like sugar.

Coffee infused with cannabis- The effects of a cocktail of THC, CBD and Caffeine.

What is the effects of THC and CBD when mixed to caffeine? Studies which are still in early stages have shown that caffeine can enhance the effects of cannabis.

When you drink coffee, the caffeine block the receptors in your brain from having adenosine ( a chemical compound that cause drowsiness). The reason why after your first cup of coffee you tend to crave for another cup, is that these receptors are gradually unblocked and the drowsiness effect come back.

coffee infused with cannabis


In cannabis, we have THC and CBD which cause an increase in dopamine, connect emotion with thinking and memory processes and also increase the sensory perception. A combination of all these reactions create the euphoric feeling which is known to boost creativity, inspiration, happiness and a state of awareness. Hence, the addition of caffeine which increase alertness, will amplify and extend the euphoria that cannabis provide.

The prolongation of ‘high’ effect have been demonstrated by studies on monkey; to be precise it was more effective when the level of caffeine was low. This mean that a proper dosage of caffeine can help for an optimum consumption of cannabis providing magnified benefits.

coffee infused with cannabis

Depending on a person’s metabolism, cannabis coffee can help to improve physical performance; caffeine increase endurance while cannabis reduce the pain. Another interesting point is that many users have claimed that coffee with cannabis reduce the weeds hangover effects.

These symptoms like brain fog, headache, fatigue and dried eye often appear when the ‘high’ effects are worn out. Though there are no concrete researches, it has been noticed that these hangover effects are frequently caused by dehydration. Therefore, the presence of coffee reduce dehydration and mitigate these effects.

Popularity of coffee infused with cannabis

Though cannabis is gaining popularity due to its legalization in major countries, coffee infused with cannabis were not so popular due to the fact that it was time-consuming to grind the weeds. Nowadays with new derivatives like cannabis oils and tinctures it is more easy to prepare a cana-coffee by adding some quantity of these liquid directly to your cup of coffee.

coffee infused with cannabis

Besides, many coffee producers and weeds lovers have created cannabis flavored instant coffee with different variations; with THC, CBD or even decaffeinated! This definitely predict that there will be a rise in the consumption of cannabis coffee in the coming years.

For someone wanting to experience coffee infused with cannabis, it is recommended to start with a small quantity until getting acquainted with its effects. Depending on the results you want, you can vary the caffeine dosage (by choosing your type of coffee) and the amount of weeds.

What are your thoughts about coffee infused with cannabis? Have you ever tried it? We will be happy to your form your experiences and opinions!