CBD in ice cream – The guilty pleasure

CBD in ice cream

Everybody knows that cannabis is becoming increasing popular around the world. The fact that it has been legalized across several countries has attracted many industries to invest in the green gold. Refined cannabis compounds like CBD and THC are being used in beauty care and pharmaceutical product. One giant leap in the weed industry is its incorporation in food and beverages; now we have soda, butter, gummies, chocolates and wine infused with cannabis. Most of the culinary products contain CBD; the cannabis compound that have therapeutic effects and is not addictive. One of the recent food trend is CBD in ice cream. It’s the same great guilty pleasure with amazing flavors but now also infused with CBD compound.

What is ice cream

Ice cream is a wildly popular treat consumed worldwide in different flavors and ways. It is a frozen food which usually consists of milk cream and is flavored and sweetened with spices like vanilla and cocoa. During its preparation the mixture is whisked and liquid nitrogen is also added, it is then cooled just below freezing point of water. This prevent ice crystals forming so that the ice cream keep its relatively smooth texture.

CBD in ice cream

The ice cream is then kept in the freezer (below 2 degree) where it becomes more solid. When put back to ambient temperature it rapidly gets back its smooth texture, which make it more easy for manipulation and consumption. Many people consumed it as a snack or a dessert and it is present in every culture and everywhere around the world.

Before learning more about CBD in ice cream let us have a look at history

The origin of ice cream

The origin of ice cream is not very clear, some theories claim that it originated from Persia 500 BC. Other say that it has been invented by the Roman who collected ice from the Apennine Mountains to prepare sorbet by adding honey and wine.

There are also rumors that stating that it could originate from the Mongol Empire and was then spread to China. Moreover, many also argue that it is Marco Polo who have introduced it to Europe.

Ice cream – A popular treat

Since then ice cream became very popular with a derived version of it called sorbet ( from the world shebert) made from ice, syrup, fruits and juices. There are classic ice cream flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, through years it has evolved gastronomically; we now have flavors like Tiramisu, Neapolitan, stracciatella and cheese cream.

CBD in ice cream

The popularity of ice cream has given rise to a flourishing industry having a net worth of $11 billions. Moreover, it is estimated that an American citizen consume an average of 23 pounds of ice cream each year in the form of frozen desserts. Ben & Jerry’s which is one of the biggest ice cream company sold $863.1 millions of ice cream for their sales year ending October 2020.

A good deal of ice cream makers are innovating to create new type of ice creams which are almost unique.

CBD in ice cream

Today you will be astonished to find ice cream with flavors like bacon, crab, oyster and even chili! Jordi Orca, a Spanish three-star Michelin chef has even developed a cigar smoke-infused ice-cream. The pastry chef told that he had his ice cream laboratory where he creates all kind of unique ice cream flavors that defy traditional ice cream taste

CBD in ice cream – The trend of iced cannabis

CBD (cannabidiol compound) is becoming very popular and many chefs have declared it is actually the hottest kitchen trend. It is the new ingredient in gastronomic foods, cakes, wine and beers.

Furthermore, there are many cannabis restaurants popping up in places where it has become legal. As it has been found that CBD can perfectly be associated with foods, it was evident that someday it would flavor one of the most popular treat – the ice cream.

CBD in ice cream

CBD has anti inflammatory properties and is used as treatment for stress, insomnia and other ailments like joint paint. It constitutes 40% of the cannabis plant extract and is usually in the form of tincture and oil which can be used to flavor foods. One of its main advantage is that the oil or tincture can be easily consumed without side effects, compared to smoking cannabis which can cause nausea and bad taste in mouth.

Hence, for those who take cannabis for medical purpose CBD in ice cream make the treatment more pleasant. Other than edibles like cannabis infused chocolates, cakes and gummies, the patient can now also choose for ice cream.

This the main reason which have encouraged two California Entrepreneurs to launch Mellow Ice cream which sell CBD flavored ice creams. The company also offer ice cream flavored with THC, the cannabis compound that make you feel high and which is used for recreational purpose and plan to extend its activities across the whole California.

CBD in ice cream

The concept of CBC in ice cream is becoming so trendy that even big ice cream company like Ben & Jerry’s have showed the intention of offering a range of their signature ice cream with CBD.

CBD in ice cream- How does it taste?

Ice cream containing CBD will have rather the taste of its core flavors. For example a vanilla flavor ice cream that contain CBD will still taste vanilla, but you will have the stress-relieving effects as a bonus. So you will still be enjoying your favorite ice cream but with some cannabis compound which is merely detectable.

The company Rosebud ice cream state it well in its motto; CBD ice cream is both a remedy and a reward!

However, given its subtle taste which can be difficult to notice, CBD ice cream may be prone to more controls by the law. This may prevent inadvertent consumption by children or persons who did not give their consent for CBD consumption.

Final words

CBD in ice cream is the proof that cannabis is becoming a hot trend. It is very probable that the future we will have lot of these frozen desserts available everywhere. What do you think about this CBD treat? If you have taste it and find the concept interesting we will be glad to hear from you.



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