CBD and bath bombs

Bath bombs are made by compacting several ingredients with different textures, it is then molded and dried. It exists in different form and is added in your bathtub to give a soothing experience. When you put a bath bomb in the water, it creates a fizzy reactions and all its ingredients like scent, essential oil and moisturizer are dispersed to give an expanded effect. The main sought benefits when using bath bombs is to have pampered skins, therefore all it ingredients are meticulously selected. CBD and bath bombs have a common thing; they both have soothing effects for the skin. Hence, it is not surprising that nowadays we have bath bombs containing CBD.

The history of CBD and bath bombs

CBD and bath bombs have distinct histories, and today they have been combined to provide the most appeasing bath experience. CBD is a refined product obtained from cannabis extract, it is more precisely one of the dominant compound found it this plant. Long ago, the consumption of cannabis was by smoking it in joints and it was primarily for recreational purpose.

Then researches demonstrated that cannabis did not only get the smokers high, but it also had calming effects. The smoker felt more relaxed, calm and less prone to stress and depression. Furthermore they also found that the plant have anti inflammatory properties which help to alleviate ailments like joint paints and skin irritations. In fact this was all thanks to the CBD compound in the plants (cannabidiol), it was the element that provide the therapeutic effects.

On the other hand the history of bath bomb is fascinating, it was created in 1989 Lush Cosmetic co-found Mrs Mo Constantine. Mrs Mo got the inspiration to create her aqua sizzlers from the famous Alka-Seltzer tablets

CBD and bath bombs
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She figured out that she could use the same principle to create cosmetics balls that fizzle in the bathtub and release all the scents, essential oils and other ingredients. This would create a great bathing experience; beauty care, relaxation and hygiene care at the same time.

CBD and bath bombs – What are the benefits?

Bath bombs already provided a relaxing bathing experience, coupled with CBD it has been claimed to provide even more benefits. What is interesting is that CBD bath bombs is not mono flavor i.e with only cannabis, but it can also contain other flavors like lavender, vanilla, honey and fruits.

CBD and bath bombs

 1. CBD and bath bombs moisturize the skin

Bath bombs containing CBD oil are claimed to be good skin moisturizer and help to heal the skin.

2. It helps to reduce pimple and have a beautiful skin

The anti inflammatory properties of the CBD help to prevent potential eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Hence, it improves the skin appearance and this is why it is being increasingly used in bath bombs and salts.

3. CBD and bath bombs help to protect the skin

Researches have shown that the CBD compound have antibacterial and anti fungal properties. CBD can damage the bio film, which is the protecting layer surrounding bacteria. Furthermore, the bath bombs also contain other essential oils that also have antibacterial effects.

Hence, using CBD bath bombs regularly make the bacteria and fungus more vulnerable. This may help to reduce infections on the skin.

4. It makes your bath more relaxing

Finally, the most popular and sought effect of CBD bath bombs is it relaxing effect. As the bath bombs fizzles in the water is releases the CBD which provide therapeutic effects. Moreover there are also ingredients that pleasantly invade your bath tubs; flower petals, essential oils, scents, and colors like gold glitters. All these combined sensations help to create a calm atmosphere and make you feel relaxed.

How to use CBD bath bombs?

If you want to relax and have some good time in your bath, here are easy steps to bath bombs. First, set the ambiance by dimming the light of the room. Then light a few candles and put your chilled music playlist, you can also have a glass of your favorite champagne or wine!

CBD and bath bombs

After that you will have to prepare your bath by filling your tub completely with water. Kindly note that the water temperature have to be lukewarm, because hot water will not only remove the natural oil on your skin but it will also prevent the essential oils in the bath bomb to work properly.

Then get sited comfortably in your bathtub and drop your CBD bath bombs in the water. They will fizzle colorfully, releasing all the essential oils, scents and other goodies for your body. Now you can enjoy the CBD and bath bombs soothing your skin and making you feel more relaxed. Dermatologists recommend staying soaked in a bath bomb water for a maximum of 15 minutes or until your fingers and toes start pruning

Popularity of CBD and bath bombs

It is possible to enjoy this treat only if you have a bathtub which can sometimes be costly. However, bath bombs have become increasingly popular through the years. Statistics have predicted that the US market for this product will achieve around $351 million in 2025. This is possible thanks to a rise in standard of living and change in lifestyle. A relaxing bath in the evening is a great way to evacuate the stress accumulated during the day at work.

CBD and bath bombs
Image source: Aquaticbath.eu

With the advent of cannabis legalization and the increasing number of researches that confirm the benefits of CBD compound, CBD bath bombs have a promising future. It has become a hot trend which is highly appreciated by newer generations that value well-being.

However, you have to be careful that the CBD bath bomb you buy is organic, chemical free and have been tested by third-parties. Moreover, it must not contain more than 0.3 % of THC residue, the cannabis compound that gives the high effect. Safe CBD bath bombs will have a certificate of analysis from reputable third party laboratory and the info will also be available on the product label. Generally a value for money CBD bath bomb can cost you up to $ 20.

Final thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed this article about CBD and bath bombs. This product is another perfect illustration of the diversification of cannabis industry and how it is thriving in the wellness field. If you have already tried CBD bath bombs we will be glad to hear your experience!